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Rock Zombie Wii U

Posted by Undead_terror on December 28, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Rock Zombie for the Wii U, this game is a beat'em up developed by Quaternion Studio and published by EnjoyUp Games, this game is $6.99 US and needs 827 MB to download.


The story of Rock Zombie is that 3 witchs form a metal band to to protect mankind, when zombies come out of no where, they must go and stop the apocalypse, with 21 levels to go through, you will see how their adventure goes in comic book form, the story is pretty cheesy , but it does the job alright.


The gameplay of Rock Zombie is simple, you must try to kill all zombies and reach the end of the level, you have 3 characters to play from and each have their own skill traits, you have different costumes and guitars (weapons) to unlock for each character, and then you are on your way to fight the hordes. Once playing, you have a few moves you can use (no aerial), you can do different combo's, use different powers for defense, pick up coins to buy stuff and health bottles, if you are not on the ground attacking the horde then you will be driving over the horde in a vehicle.


Rock Zombie is a pretty average game all around, the controls are ok but you will be pretty much mashing 1 or 2 buttons for attacks, while there is some variety in customizing characters, it don't change much of the gameplay experience, you just go around mashing 1 or 2 buttons as already said, killing undead and breaking stuff while you pick up coins, avoid a few traps and try to finish the level, thankfully there is different levels like driving in a motorcycle...but that get's boring quickly. The graphics in the game is ok, ok art and good looking 3D models, there is some effects like blood squirting and fire, but they forgot some animations like facial expressions, the music is just cheesy metal music which is ok but nothing special either.


The game does offer achievements and a Zombie museum to see all the undead, as said you can unlock more guitars (main weapon in the game) and costumes, so there is some replay value, but there is no co-op so it can be a bit more boring not being able to play with someone.


At the end of the day, Rock Zombie is a average game to say at the very least, it does what you expect it to do but it won't keep you coming back unless you want to finish the game, there is some replay for achievements and unlocking a few things, but you will you have to face the spamming of 1 or 2 buttons and will be wanting to rush things, if you are a hardcore beat'em up fan then you might enjoy it if it goes on sale.


Rating: 5.5/10


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