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99 Moves Wii U

Posted by Undead_terror on December 27, 2014 at 7:45 PM

(Review by guru SheldonRandoms)

Hello, eShop guru SheldonRandoms here to talk about the action (that’s also a bit puzzle-ish) game, 99 moves. This is a continuation of the 99 series, following 99bullets and 99seconds. Just like the other games, you must complete your goal with something having a 99 limit; in this case, it’s your movement this time. Will there be enough moves here to show off, or will a few moves be lacking? Let’s find out!


In this game, you take control of an almost energy depleted V-99, who by luck, enters something called the Shaders zone, which gives V-99 the energy needed to survive. However, V-99 is now trapped in the Shaders zone, and must find a way out, and if that’s not bad enough, V-99 only has 99 energy pulses (which gives V-99…..99 moves) to move through the Shaders zone, all while avoiding obstacles to reach the goal.


V-99 will keep moving no matter what, and cannot stop once it’s in motion. While playing with the D-pad, V-99 controls smoothly making the sharp turns needed to navigate the mazes and the controls respond well. However, if you’re using the analog control on the gamepad (which you can play the game on as well, without the TV being on) or classic controller, it isn’t 100% accurate that V-99 will move in the direction that you wanted him to move. This can be very hazardous since one wrong turn can make V-99 crash and lose the game. There is a bit a time to save yourself if you crash since V-99 gets two hits before exploding.


The other things in this game besides death are a power up and a power down. The green square/rectangles make V-99 accelerate. It’s also very handy that while V-99 is accelerating, the screen pans out slightly giving easier view and control over V-99. The yellow square/rectangles return V-99 to his original speed and zoom the screen back in if he was just accelerating. The pink squares are just death like the walls, so don’t touch those.


In Mission mode, you must clear the level in 99 moves or less, and avoid hitting obstacles and the walls. There are only 12 missions in the entire game. All missions on screen you see at the Mission mode are all the missions in the entire game, there are no extra or harder levels or anything, and playing through all the missions can take about an hour. There is, however, a reason to go back and replay these missions. By completing the levels with the least amount of moves while collecting a V-99 shaped power ups that gives you extra points, you can try to top the online leaderboards. If you crash into a wall, you lose a lot of points, but if you stick close to the wall long enough for sparks to appear, you will gain more points. Your score is based on a base score of how you did added with how many moves you made, still being alive, how many V-99 items you collected, and how many hits you take. 1 hit is worth -99,000 and showing up alive is worth 99,000 points so those negate themselves pretty quickly.


This game has multiplayer that supports up to 5 players with one person using the gamepad while the other 4 can use wiimotes or classic controllers. In Race, you and your friends have to reach a goal with the 99 move limit as fast as possible. There isn’t a level select screen so you and your friends get thrown into a random stage from Mission mode. One player has to reach the goal in order for there to be a winner. It doesn’t matter if you had the most points or get the furthest; if you don’t reach the goal then nobody wins. In Survival, you have to survive as long as you can with your 99 moves, same thing with the level selection with race; you get randomly thrown into a level from Mission mode.

The graphics and music both fit the retro setting, theme and atmosphere for the game. 99 Moves gives off an 80’s arcade sort of vibe with the simple, yet glowing graphics and simplistic gameplay. Nothing really is impressive about it, but it gets the job done, and gets it right. There is also sorta warped sounding voice that sounds weird, but is still understandable and goes along well with the 80’s arcade vibe this game has going for it.


All and all, 99moves is lacking depth which is the games main issue, and has a bit of control issue when using the analog stick. The game is worth the price of $2.49. This game is good for something you can just pick up quickly for a nice casual gameplay.


I give this game a 6/10

Cost: $2.49

Memory needed: 147 MB

Game Trailer:

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