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Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues

Posted by Undead_terror on December 23, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues, it's a action game that is published and developed by Cypronia, this game costs $4.99 US and it need 91 MB to download.


To start things off, if you are familiar to Fruit Ninja, then you should know what this game is about, this game has no story but we know that you are in control of a Ninja that likes to slice up food as they are being tossed right in front of him...that is all.

You must have your gamepad or a wiimote to play the game, with the gamepad you will have to use the touch screen and with the wiimote you are gonna need to point at the senor bar, once you got that done then you can play 1 of the 4 modes the game has to offer. "Classic" is the mode that you simply slice food and try to get a high combo and score, "Juice Master" you must get melons into a blender by cutting them in the air so some bits can land in the blender, "Melon Mania" is just like classic but you can only slice melons and then there is "222" in which you must slice certain food to score points.


While you are cutting fruits, cakes, gingerbread men, or even a present that gives you one of few power ups to help you out, there is a local multiplayer mode that you and one other friend can play, you can compete with each other. If that isn't enough then you can try to get one of the many achievements the game has to offer, each achievement gives you a different sword color, so try to collect them all!, and finally there is online ranking, can you be the master cake ninja of them all? well put your skills to the test!


The graphics and art in the game is ok, nothing looks bad but it doesn't look perfect either, what you will be seeing most of the time is food getting sliced and seeing what's inside, all the pieces you chopped up until there is many small bits along with juice and crumbs which is all in front of one of the few walls. The music is decent, some music fit for concentration and some other that is more up beat. All good stuff aside, at times there is some lag when cutting food at times, it seems that you cannot make a big line and cut multiple food at once but to go nuts with slicing, this game does feel like a app on a phone and probably won't be played much, and to top it off, for $5 it probably won't be on everyones wish list unless it was a bit cheaper.


At the end of the day I think this game is pretty average, it does feel fun at first, but the only replay value is trying to get all achievements, a game like this would be better with a endless mode, if the game was a bit more expanded with content and the lag issue was fixed it would be better, but it does feel like a game you would pull out of your pocket and play it while waiting for something.


Rating: 5/10


Review code given by Cypronia.

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