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Chat-A-Lot 3DS ware

Posted by Undead_terror on December 2, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Chat-A-Lot for the 3DS, this is a app that allows you to talk and chat with your friends, this app was published by Teyon and developed by WaiS Co. , this app costs $7.99 US and needs 498 blocks to download.


Nintendo has released chatting services before, Pictochat for the DS which was only local and then we got Swapnote which was online only but you needed friends, but both cannot be used on the 3DS now so we are left with chatting services made by other companies, we now got our first third party chatting service for the 3DS, it is better then both pictochat and swapnote in some ways, but is it really worth the $8? let's find out and see!


This app can only be used online and you must have friends on your 3DS friends list, once you got those two things down you can finally move on to the app! you start off with logging onto the servers and then must select your profile settings, select a avatar (no mii's), text box color and then birth date, then you must go add friends from your friends list who got the app and then you can talk to them!


The app is pretty simple, you got the texting system and then you got a voice chat, you can have a room with up to 10 people in a texting session, here you can type, draw, use stamps, even share pictures, you can even select what mood you are in!, while the texting system is pretty good, we were not able to share pictures, we tried different ways but it didn't seem to work, other then that it seemed to work and you can text when people are offline! however you cannot use bad language in it so be friendly, this is indeed a kid friendly app that allows child safety.


The voice chat is nearly broken, I personally was not able to connect with someone else, it seems like it's hard to connect with others, however a few others were able to connect only to find out that it's hard to hear each other due to random noise, the voice chat can have up to 4 people at once but it will be a hard time to join each other and enjoy it, another thing is that sometimes you can't have the option to voice chat others even if they are on.


Chatting apps can look pretty bland, however this app is full of cartoony goodness! one of the things I enjoy about this app is the cute (kawaii) looking animal avatars, there are a decent few avatars you can choose from and emoticon stamps you can use, however there is DLC for the app that allows you to buy more avatars and stamps, while there is none currently when writing this review, you will have to pay more on top of the $8 you just paid for the app if anything interests you.


At the end of the day there isn't much to say about the app, it's a chatting app that does most of what it's suppose to do, it is currently the only chatting app on the 3DS, the chat would be more interesting to people is it was cheaper, the fact that you must need internet to use this app to talk to friends and cannot talk to strangers is sad, the voice chat is pretty much broken and you must pay more if you want a certain avatar or stamp from the store, people are probably just better off going online on some chat room, you got more options and freedom, however this is a ok alternative.


Rating: 5/10


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