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Bird Mania Christmas 3D (3DS ware)

Posted by Undead_terror on December 21, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Review by: bezerker99

With the Christmas season in full effect, Polish game developer Teyon is releasing an update to it’s original 3DS eShop gem Bird Mania 3D. It’s called Bird Mania Christmas 3D! The gameplay and story are identical to the first Bird Mania except the entire game has been given a Holiday makeover! Mojo now flies with a Santa hat perched on his head while the ground and treetops are covered with snow. Candy canes can be seen emerging from the snow as you fly by. All of this indicates that it’s definitely winter and time to fly south! The music (which can be turned off and game played with just sound effects) is also identical to the original title except now Christmas bells can be heard jingling in the background. All of these touches give the game a nice, warm and fuzzy holiday feel.


For those unfamiliar with Bird Mania 3D, it’s an ‘endless runner’ type of game where you control Mojo the bird and maneuver him safely through an ever moving background in an attempt to accumulate points. There are countless obstacles such as trees and other birds that will get in your way. The original game had evil bees but in this update they have been replaced by evil Christmas elves flying in fighter planes!


Mojo can move up and down and that’s it. Pressing L and/or R will give him a slight burst of speed and make him fly faster for a few seconds. The developers programmed the use of the Circle Pad for this game but using the stylus ultimately gives you the best control over Mojo. To be honest, I’m not sure why anyone would use the Circle Pad but I guess it’s good to know it’s there if you want it.


The game starts you in Daylight but soon will turn to Night. Everything moves much faster during the Daylight hours and thus it’s more hectic and chaotic to control Mojo. When Night arrives, everything slows down slightly, allowing the player to breathe somewhat and continue to focus on getting more points.

Speaking of points, the player gets them by flying into stars that are littered across the screen in select patterns. Each star is one point. (There are also colored balloons that Mojo can fly into to get points). The key to getting LOTS of points from stars is by pressing L/R and having Mojo fly into the oncoming birds. Mojo not harmed by doing this and he also creates point multipliers with each bird he takes out. Each bird you crash into will increase your point multiplier by 1. Thus if your point multiplier is currently 5, each star will then be worth 5 points instead of 1. However, to keep these multipliers alive and increasing, you must keep your streak going by continuing to hit oncoming birds within a certain amount of time (it’s 5 seconds to be exact). By the way, you will want to avoid aiming for the elves in the planes. Striking them will cause your current point multiplier to be erased.

I’ve noticed in this version there are more clouds in the background for birds and elves to hide behind. You have to really keep your eyes focused and anticipate where these enemies might be lurking. Because of this additional cloud cover, it makes this Christmas edition a bit more difficult.

Bird Mania Christmas 3D is a very fast paced game. There will be times when you start flying and die within seconds. However, the game’s music never stops playing and before you know it, there’s a big Restart button glaring you in the face and it’s very hard (at least for me) to not click it. Before you can even get over your frustration of losing, you find yourself instantly put back into a fresh slate of action. This rapid gameplay can be addicting. You’ll want to play just “one more time” to hopefully achieve a higher point score!

The true reason this version of Bird Mania 3D shines over it’s predecessor is the inclusion of online leader boards. Now you can compete with other gamers from around the world for that top score! In typical leader board fashion you can also compare your score to those on your 3DS Friend List. This feature was something sorely missed in the original and I’m thrilled Teyon has put it this version.

What’s particularly nice about the online leader boards is when you aren’t near a wifi connection, Bird Mania Christmas 3D will continue keeping your scores on your own Personal Score board. And it shows lots of them – the Top 100 as a matter of fact (FYI – the original game only saved the Top 50 personal high scores). The next time you find yourself online with the game, it will automatically update the online leader boards with your latest top score!

Another nice feature that returns with this game is the Achievements. Teyon has put 22 unique challenges within this game that makes the gamer play in ways not originally intended. For example, there is one Achievement for going so many “miles” without collecting a single star. Another Achievement calls for the gamer to fly past 80 enemies without striking any of them. These 22 Achievements are all very similar to the 22 Achievements that were in the original Bird Mania 3D. I found that Collecting 400 Stars during Daylight to be the most challenging.

Another similarity to the first game is the economic price. It’s only going to cost you $1.99 to download and in that regard it definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Bird Mania Christmas 3D gets released on December 26th, the day after Christmas. It is a holiday themed game but fans of the original Bird Mania 3D will be happy to play this game no matter what season it is. The online leader boards, same addictive game play, and cheap price, make this game a no-brainer, especially for fans of the original Bird Mania 3D and endless runner type games.

Merry Christmas, gamers!!!

Rating: 8/10


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