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Clash of Elementalists (DSI ware)

Posted by Undead_terror on December 11, 2013 at 6:05 PM



Clash of Elementalists is a decent game but has a couple of flaws, and I will tell you why in this review.


Clash of Elementalists is a 3D fighting game in which you can move all around the stage, the graphics are amazing for DSI ware or at least for 3D games, the music is decent, not bad but you can enjoy it. There is 3 modes, arcade-fight everyone, free battle-fight anyone, training mode-practice, there is even a local multiplayer mode, you also get options for matchs which are difficulty setting, rounds, time, stage select and extra cpu commands but that last one is for training only. While we had good news so far it's time to look at the negative things, there is only 4 characters with a element ability each and each character has their own stage making only 4 stages, there is no alternate costumes for player 1 but for the second player or cpu they are forced to use a alternate version of the 4 characters which means change in colour and even attack colour, so character variety lacks for both players since each player must use a different version of one character even if they are playing as different characters.

The pictures show both the cool looking aspects and the alternate character problem as I already told.


While there is no lag in the game, the most flawed part is the camara movement, you hold A and tap left or right to move the camara angle but you might as keep holding A and tapping left or right because the character only moves a little bit so by the time you move the camara to the desired angle, the enemy has already moved, you can fix this problem by jumping with the X button because when you jump the camara locks on to the enemey, while it maybe annoying to have to wait to fall down, you can just press the B button to fall down immediately. R makes you shoot elements at the enemy or do a melee if you are close by, L does the characters own special attack and holding Y makes attack more powerful and drift, but don't spam the attack or else you will use up your energy bars and have to wait for them to refill, the wide bar is for your L attacks, power is the use of Y or a combination of Y and another another attack and the normal bar is R attacks.


Final thoughts: while the game has flaws, it's still a fun game to play, while it's not super addicting it's still something to play when you are bored, $5 maybe a risk so it is best to wait for a sale if the game has one, but don't expect much if you do get it on sale.





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