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AiRace: Speed (3DS ware)

Posted by Undead_terror on December 10, 2013 at 9:55 AM

Guru Undead_terror's thoughts:

AiRace: Speed is a Eshop game made with pride or at least wasn't rushed and I will tell you why!

Back when DSI ware service was alive and the 3DS did not exist, a game by Qubic games called AiRace: Tunnel came out and was a fun and popular game, you flying to point A to B in futuristic space ships, you were in a tunnel dodging obstacles, it was a simple and fun game but it's sequel came to the 3DS eshop and upgraded everything!

Well there is no storyline but a cinematic intro, there really wasn't need for one anyway, the graphics are amazing for the 3DS, Qubic games took time with the graphics and can appeal to anyone, the music is alright but you won't be paying attention to it anyways when you are trying to live. A game like this needs good controls and the game does have it, you are always moving so you don't need any buttons to go forward, you can use the circle pad or D-pad to go up or down/left or right/do a 360!, the A button is for the booster which makes you go fast and the B button is the brakes, the L button turns your ship left while the R button makes your ship turn right.

There are 18 levels (2 of them being endless) that you must get a 3 star rank in and plenty of achievements that provides a lot of replay value!

Now we have to bring the bad news, while the game is great, there may be some lag in gameplay, while it's not choppy it is noticeable, and the game does not provide any kind of multiplayer. At $5 it's not a bad deal at all, but is a must get when it goes on sale!

Rating: 8/10

Cinematic trailer:

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