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Race to the Line (3DS ware)

Posted by Morpheel on December 4, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Guru Morpheel here to share my impressions of the racing game "Race to the Line" by Enjoy Gaming.

Ok, first the basics: it's a car racing game with "realistic" settings (tracks), no multiplayer and three modes. So far so ok.


Second, the graphics: the tracks themselves have a lot of nice details that make them look nice even if the graphics are a little poor, like Good DS quality. The one weird thing is the fact that the game renders the world right there in front of you, you can see the pyramids of Egypt grow out of nowhere as you get closer to them, for example. This is more noticeable in places with less details, like Egypt and the snowy mountain place I played in.


The cars themselves are of the "blocky" variety and a little knockoff-y, when you start the game you have two choices available, the obviously fast "Road Racer" and the aptly named "Black Car", yay for not using brands, that's cool.


The main menu is very meh, just a bunch of still images and it does not use the circle pad, only the dpad and the touch screen.


Now, the gameplay!


The controls are VERY sensitive, like WHOA. If you push the Circle/D pad to the left, the car will make a very quick turn to the left and you will usually crash with a wall. You need to move the circle pad like it's a steering wheel of some sort, like... All the way up and a little bit to the left to make a small woobly turn. There's also the "quick tap method" if that fails.


The cars are more like bumper cars, they really are. You can see them wobble their way around the track and you can bump into them to make them lose control, and they can do the same with you.


There was even this time when right after starting the race we all (me and all the other AI racers) moved to the same place, crashed all together and ended up in a big bumping war to get out of the jam.


The AI seems to be the usual racing fare, there are 3 useless racers, a competent one and the one who is usually the one leading them but so far the races have been pretty easy, I win even with my wall bumping abilities. I guess that's because I just started playing, but there's no way to make the game harder from the start, you must unlock that.


The three modes are "Race", which more like a career mode with small "competitions" that you unlock. "Competition", which seems to be a cup with all the tracks available chosen at random or something. All the racers use the same car in this mode for some reason. And lastly "Time Attack", where you can choose the track and... Race for the best time.


The music is... Well... There. Not good but it's only noticeable when it reaches the looping point.


In the end... It's actually quite fun... From a bumper car racing point of view... And the places are well made (even if the shapes of the tracks a bit uninspired). It's just kinda meh. If you like racing games and don't mind the glaring lack of multiplayer, you could enjoy this.


Guru Undead_terror's thoughts:

I agree with 100% with Guru Morpheel, the game is acceptable but needs lots of improvements, the game acts like a free online racing game like invincicar, the graphics are ok but need improvement, things form (load) in the map which looks strange, gameplay can be laggy at times and the cars are slow enough, I even came across a glitch of a AI computer not moving because it got bumbed, with no co-op or upgrades, the game has barely any replay value, this game is a example if you rush a game or don't put enough heart into it, at $4 it's not a total loss but it is recommened that people wait for a sale

Rating: 4/10


Guru Happy's Thoughts:

To put it simply, Race To The Line is quite rough around the edges.  The models of the cars are notably low poly, which may have been okay if there were more than a few cars to choose from, but that's not exactly the case.  However, one must applaud the developers for their creative naming of the cars.  Car companies should use these as examples.  "Ooh, I really like that car's color, what model and year is it?"

"That dear customer, is a 2013 Black Car."  No jest, one of the cars is actually called "Black Car".

The enemy AI is rather erratic, and sometimes just plain idiotic.  It's impossible to make it through a 2 lap race without slamming into the road-rage-inducing cars that, for some reason, can't figure out how to make a simple turn. 

It's easy to forgive them though, because there's a rather notable delay whenever the player tries to steer.  There also seems to be butter all over the road, as the slightest push of the circle pad (and to a much worse extent, the D-pad) causes the car to make a ludicrously slippery turn.  Even when moving at 150 mph, this continues to happen.  Oddly enough, it's actually much easier to drive in reverse through the courses.

Every track in the game is sadly quite bland, and once you beat the first two, you are treated to more of the same, only you start on the other side of the finish line, with another lap thrown in.  One of the courses has a background, which may have looked nice, if the player didn't have to be so close to so it actually renders.

Once ahead of the other cars, it's rare to actually see them again, as they're too busy bumping inbetween walls to actually race.  At that point, it's really more of a high speed, yet casual ride through the country, contrary to the high stakes action packed feeling that it's attempting to achieve. 

The music is also rather bland, and it has a brief, yet all too noticeable looping point, which was the only part of the song I noticed.

All in all, it's almost impossible to recommend this title, except maybe to a young child who has never played a proper racing game before.

Final Score: 1.5/5

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