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Robonauts (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 24, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to hop into a robotic suit of armor and fly off from planet to planet in Robonauts. A “Robonaut” is a robot (still in development) that is built to resemble a person, so it could assist with tasks, especially ones in outer space, but when you add an “s” at the end, you get Robonauts, a Switch eShop game! I'll check it out, to see if you too should enlist as a Robonaut, or should enlist in the junkyard? Let gravity do the jumping from here!

The opening cinematic shows the unlikely janitor by the name of ROBO, going around a large spacecraft doing its duties. ROBO then stumbled upon a room with the high tech robotic mech (say that three times fast). Being filled with the desire of wanting to be that tall, the little bot manages to enter the robotic mech, only to accidentally start a mission and rockets into space, where things of course end with a crash landing on a mysterious planet. Now scared and alone, the poor bot sees a horde of creatures coming it's way, and makes a dash for it, where ROBO thankfully spots a deserted armor suit and equips it to fend off harms way, as well as trying to get out of this mess and back to safety. As you progress from here, the in game story begins, and instead of the story being told via a cinematic, A bot by the name of El Supremo will appear to speak dialogue about what's going on, and you're helping him do his deeds, but he may not be who he says he is...

ROBO can travel around the world, literally, as you'll be able to travel all around a planet, fending off baddies trying to stop you, but if you notice that they are starting quickly surround you and thankfully another planet is hovering above you, ROBO can planet hop from planet to planet. ROBO has two forms of attacks to fight back, first with the quickfire, shots that will rapid fire quickly at foes, but for dealing more damage, a bomb would be the best bet, but those don't accelerate as much. You can find power ups to increase power to shots and bombs, though they have limits before reverting back to their normal versions, or if you collect a different power up. Thankfully ROBO's line of fire has an auto lock aiming, so when a nearby enemy hops or soars around, ROBO an aim and fire in their direction, which works for the most part, but when enemies start appearing from all over the place, you'll need to decide who to focus on as you can be firing upwards when they're straight ahead.

So what is ROBO's goal with his line of fire and planet hopping? For the most part, you'll have to run and gun baddies to fill up this meter in the corner, once it's filled up, head for the goal to move on. A variety of enemies will appear more and more as you progress, though some of the later ones can be tricky to deal with, especially those Rampers, which can deal a large chunk of your health in an instant. When you're in a pinch and need some health to go tackle those creatures waiting for you on another planet, finding some bloobs would be ideal. These little green blobs appear from bested foes randomly, but they won't just stand there for you to collect, make sure to collect them before they travel off and disappear.

12 levels in total ROBO has to complete during the main campaign, and in all of those levels, ROBO will have to defeat what comes in its way. Other levels throw in some other objectives into the mix, such as activating switches to rev up a mining laser, or escorting a unit to disable shields, which is good for some variety, but they appear on a single level and that's that for those other objectives, which is understandable due to the 12 levels, which I managed to get through in a play through. While it may seem short and also might've felt a bit on the casual side, that might be due to playing the game on it's casual setting, thankfully for an added challenge, hardcore difficulty will drain your health before you know it.

Even if you have played the adventure already, you'd probably most likely go on it again with a buddy, as the game supports local co-op, which is pretty much always available on the switch version thanks to the joycons. Co-op plays similarly to solo, while thankfully keeping the smooth frame rate attached, but if one were to fall, the other player can revive the fallen player if they reach them in time, so staying nearby would be ideal. Couch co-op (or wherever co-op since Switch) is noice, but for the hunting grounds mode, not so much, as you and another player will compete with each other to see who can rack up the highest score to on maps that have different affects, such as timed missions or a toxic community to go around. Achievements can also be achieved in co-op (though some only in single player).

The presentation wraps up things with it's vivid colors to bring some brightness to outer space, which makes things just stand out with all that is going on. The environment all looks all good while docked, and even keeps looking good while in handheld mode. The atmosphere does feel like a big neon dance party, which it really does because of those techno tunes that would suit a dance club with lights on everyone's face. Each level contains a new freshly picked track, which helps keeps things fresh on each passing level. 

All and all, Robonauts delivers a space adventure that's easy to pick up and play with other Robonauts you come across. While may not be the longest adventure in outer space at first, to come back into it on a harder difficulty to check off some achievements with a pal will be good reason to rev up the mech armor suit again!

I give Robonauts 8 bloobs out of 10! 

Cost on the eShop: $14.99

Memory used: 693MB

Review code provided by: QubicGames

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