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Chicken Wiggle (3DS eshop)

Posted by Undead_terror on September 20, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Chicken Wiggle for the 3DS, this game is a action puzzle platformer game that was developed and published by Atooi, the game costs $14.99 US/$19.99 CAN/£13.49 UK/€14.99 EU, and needs 278 blocks to download.

Starting things off right away, this is a very unique platformer game, it isn't really something like the Mario Bros games, it's more of a slower paced game that has more puzzles then a Mario Bros game would originally have. It has a lot of charm within the game, but let's get started and start from the beginning!.

The story of the game is simple, a witch has kidnapped all of the chickens from their home, however one chicken (named Chicken) fell from the bag that the witch put the chickens in and tried to go after the witch to save his fellow chickens, however he can't do it alone. A apple has fallen down with a worm in it (named Wiggle), Chicken and Wiggle became friends and decided to go after the witch and save all the chickens.

You start right away learning the basics of the game, Chicken can walk around and jump along with pecking at things with it's beak, a cute thing is that if it looks at the screen, you can peck at the screen which causes the screen to move like it's being pecked. Wiggle is used as a grappling hook for it's main feature, you can hook on to the roof/bottom of a platform and stay there until you need to jump off, and you can grapple to a wall but don't stick on it like the roof. Just watch out, Wiggle can stretch out to only one long distance which can be hazardous at times, so be careful and time correctly when using Wiggle.

Making progress throughout the game, you will find all sorts of puzzles, like jumping to make platforms appear, make your own paths, and finding the goal of each level can be a puzzle in of it's self. Within the 48 levels that the game offers in it's campaign, you must rescue a locked chicken from it's cage, while collecting all 100 gems each level has and finding all 3 FUN letters that spell FUN if you want to truly complete the levels (sadly there is no reward for 100% completion).

I just mentioned that there is 48 levels within the game, well there is 8 worlds to be beaten, each world being unique while each world having 1 ghost themed level which is similar to the ghost houses in Mario Bros games. Each world brings new items, enemies and even power ups, yup, can't be a platformer without enemies and power ups, each enemy attacks differently, you peck the enemies to defeat them, or use Wiggle to stun them or remove their armor, then peck them, just watch out, if you get hit once, you die.

Moving on to the power ups, there is a handful or power ups in this game which all can make the gameplay unique, like a Jetpack for double jump, super chicken to fly, running shoes to run, etc. The different thing about these power ups is that they are in boxes which isn't out of the ordinary, but you can put them back in the box, and these power ups don't give you any health upgrades, once again, if you get hit once, you die


Here is the thing that seems the most can make your own levels and share them online!, I will start comparing to Super Mario Maker for this segment. Unlike Super Mario Maker 3DS and a couple other 3DS games I played that you can make levels but can't share them online, you can make levels and share them online as said. If you make a level and want to share it, you gotta beat it like in Super Mario Maker Wii U.

There is plenty of unique stuff to work with which isn't in Mario Maker, however Mario Maker got plenty more stuff to work with, with this game, levels can look like normal levels which isn't a bad thing, but Mario Maker got loads of stuff to make levels stand out from another. One benefit this game got over Mario Maker is that you can set level rules like save the chicken, collect all the gems, beat all the enemies to beat the levels, you can even place Chicken and the goal wherever you want.

The art style in the game is really nice looking pixel art, it all looks so good, the 3D effect is decent, but it's pretty much the same with all these 2D games. The sound effects is good, the music is good as well, the music is unique in in it's own world which sounded different then the last (spoiler: the last worlds theme...I don't really feel it fitted, but it makes sense as it's the last world with the final boss)

My complaints? I really don't have any, I really liked the game as it was, but if I did, well this paragraph will be spoilers. There is only one boss which is the witch, who is easy, but it was a bit challenging because of these enemies that kept spawning where I was jumping to which made me die a few times. You get nothing from 100% completion, in the level creator there was a Mutant Mudds theme you could use to make levels with, would of been neat if there was a secret world that used this skin.

At the end of the day, Chicken Wiggle is a fantastic game, I really enjoyed it, it has it's charm, it stands out from other platformer games, it personally made me want to keep playing the game!. I will personally keep playing this game and will make some levels and play other peoples levels. Hopefully the game gets updated to add even more stuff and gets a Switch port, right now the Switch could get some loving from this, and I hope Jools (the creator of the game) the best of luck for success of this game, at it's price, to some it might be pricey to some, but I think it's well worth it.

Rating: 9/10


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