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Castle Clout 3D

Posted by Morpheel on February 5, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Guru Morpheel here to talk about Castle Clout 3D by Teyon and Selectsoft.

Castle Clout 3D is a physics puzzle game, you control a catapult (or a big mechanical bow, depending on the level) and a limited number of shots with a variety of different ammo types to destroy a castle and kill the enemy units within it. As you may notice from that, it’s very much like Angry Birds. Then again, that game didn’t invent these mechanics- but it’s still a nice comparison point.

Unlike in Angry Birds though, you have the added bonus of button controls (even if you use the touchscreen, the inclination and movement of the weaponry is controlled by buttons), which makes the game more technical.

As you progress through the main campaign new castle elements and ammo are introduced to you, giving you a rather overwhelming amount of variety and freedom to solve the levels. It’s not as simple as just shooting rocks at things and seeing them go kaput though or simply using the newest more powerful projectile, most of the levels also have friendly units that you must not kill and elements that will make you change your strategy completely; they give the game a trial-and-error puzzle feeling… And you’ll be trying and trying the same levels if you want to beat them!

Sadly, the main mode suffers from weird spikes in difficulty seemingly at random; you may go from an extremely easy castle to a mind melting one and back to a simple one right after. It can end up feeling very frustrating, but for some reason it also makes it addicting and satisfying when you get it right.

If you get bored of the campaign, you can also try your hand at creating your own castles for you to demolish, like little domino castles. Thecastle parts that become introduced in the main mode are also unlocked in the castle creator, so the more you play the better castles you can make. You can store up to 54 of these castles but, sadly, there’s no way to share them. It would’ve been extremely fun being able to share and play other’s levels via internet, like in Mario vs. DK, for example.

Besides that, you can also use these custom designs in the hot seat multiplayer mode of the game to mix things up with your friends. That mode works just like the main mode, but with castles and weaponry on both sides of the field, up to four people can play but there can’t be more than two teams so you have to decide who plays with whom. There’s also the option to play against (or with) the computer if you want.

All things considered, this is a really solid time waster and it can be very fun to see when that single stone makes that huge castle fall in parts, squashing and burning enemies while leaving friends unscratched and confused. The often random spikes in difficulty during the main campaign mode, lack of a way to easily share your own creations and the restricted-to-one-console multiplayer, however, limit its potential.

I give it a very special 8 spikey balls out of 10.


Review copy provided by Teyon.



Undeade_terror's review

Castle Clout 3D is a catapult physics puzzle game like Crush the castle or the popular Angry Birds, so if you know how they play like then you will know how this game plays like.


In Castle Clout 3D you are a catapult that must destroy castles, kill enemies and try to get a gold medal on each level, you must adjust the catapult or to try to hit the castle and hope to hit the week spot, select different kinds of ammo for a stronger effect and some stages let you try out different catapults. There are 150 levels you must conquer and try to get a gold medal in and there are 5 different lands as well, if you must destroy more castles there is make your own castle mode in which you can make a castle to destroy, it is also a good time to try new unlocked weapons while you are at it, if you to show off you can play hot seat multiplayer in which people pass the 3DS and play.


The music is good in the game and so is the visuals, but here is when the game goes down hill, the game gets boring quickly, sometimes loading could take a bit long, there is no music when playing a level so that means there is only music in the menu. If you play angry birds it's funny and cute looking but Castle Clout 3D is not cartoony, more serious, sure there are missions to save your captured men which could put up a challenge but it get's annoying.


When getting the game it costs $5 and you need 883 block to download, that's a little too much on both ends, so at the end of the day it's a game that should be purchased if it's on sale and that's if you want a game like Crush the castle or Angry Birds...or you could just play both of those games free on PC or your phone/tablet


Rating: 5/10

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