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The Battle Cats POP! (3DS eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on July 7, 2016 at 8:05 PM


eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here! And today I’m joining a cat-infested army in The Battle Cats POP! I hope you guys are really feline the kitty mood because it’s about to paw down. Will it be good or is this game a CATastrophe? Let’s sink our claws into this one.

The plot to The Battle Cats POP! Is a rather simple one. Weirdly cute cats are taking over the world and humanity doesn’t seem too shocked about it. I mean, they’ve already taken over the internet. But how will out furry little army conquer the whole world? Why, with the player’s help of course! Take control of your own feline battalion and charge into the cat fight! MEE-OW! Level your cats so that they can purrform at full strength and evolve into their second forms at max level (Level 10). It’s pretty addictive to see the already silly designed cats take on even sillier second forms. It truly incentives the player to find out just how gross Gross Cat can become.

The game starts you off in your Cat base where you can choose from a variety of options. On the top screen you can see a Cat who always has some words to cheer you on. The amount of things that cat has to say is kind of amazing.

Battles in The Battle Cats POP! are fun and addictive. The graphics are fun, stylized, and absolutely adorable in a hilarious kind of way. Viewing the battles in 3D allows you to see each and every cat fighting for you. The battles are a sort of strategic tower defense game. You have your base and the enemy’s base with the goal being to lower your enemy base’s health to 0 without having yours lowered to 0 in the process. The battles can be played by either using your stylus or using the buttons on your 3DS to wage war. Worker Cat starts off at level 1 and slowly builds money. As Worker Cat summons money you can use it to either summon your Battle Cats or level up Worker Cat. By summoning Cats you’re defending your base and by leveling Worker Cat you will generate money faster in order to summon more expensive, powerful cats. Different cats also take a certain amount of Will to summon, the more powerful, the more Will it takes to summon. Will can be gained back in battle by defeating enemies.

Your cat base also has a pretty clawsome cannon attached to it which will charge as the battle progresses. Use it wisely to blow back enemies and deal tons of damage. A well timed cannon attack could mean the difference between victory and failure. Each stage is named after a real world location and the enemy bases all fit the location they take place in, making this game both addictive and oddly geographically educational. You can’t just take over the world in one go because your kitties will need to rest between battles. Each area takes its own toll of cat energy. Don’t worry! The regen on your stamina is pretty fast.

A new feature of The Battle Cats POP! is local multiplayer functionality which is unlocked after beating the first 7 areas of the game. If you and one of your friends have this title you can pit your armies against one another. It’s much more thrilling to play against a real person than the AI.

Your Army is completely customizable, so all of your favorite cats can get in on the action! All of the basic cats can be unlocked by completing the first few stages and upgrading your starter cats. When you complete enough levels you unlock the Rare Capsule Machine. By using either a Rare Ticket or 3 Cat Foods you can unlock Rare, Super Rare, OR UBER RARE CATS! Some of the rare cats are even stranger looking than the basic cats which keeps me cranking that gacha hoping the most ungodly adorable cats pop out. You can form up to 5 different armies and have one completely random army generated for you. You have to be careful when choosing your army since all of the Battle Cats have unique abilities and have different prices to be able to call upon them in battle. Typically the more powerful and rare a cat is, the more costly it is to summon in battle. However, different cats are useful against different enemies such as red, floating, or alien enemies. However, it takes a different kind of currency to summon the power of a God…

There are two different types of currency in The Battle Cats POP! There’s XP that is used to upgrade and purrchase your Battle Cats and upgrade things such as your Cat Base’s health, power, and other battle related stats. The other form of currency is Cat Food. Cat Foods are used to summon Cat God when you are in battle. Cat God will perform one of 4 different miracles to help sway the tides of battle in your favor. Some of Cat God’s miracles include restoring your base’s health or blowing all of the enemies back to their base. Miracles cost between 1-5 Cat Foods and Cat God always has something funny to say as his rather, uh, GODLY presence stares at you. God Cat can be summoned so long as you have enough Cat Food to offer. Cat Foods can also be used to buy items from the Item Shop. Items can be equipped before entering battle in order to get a head start. Some items include starting a battle with Worker Cat at max level or being guaranteed a superior treasure at the end of the battle.

After you complete a level you have a chance of gaining a treasure for the area. There are 3 levels of treasure: Inferior, Normal, and Superior treasures. If you collect all of the treasures for a group of areas you can check the Treasure menu to unlock more upgrades for you cats. The better treasures you collect, the better upgrades you unlock. This makes it more worthwhile to replay an area besides grinding for XP. The treasures are also are themed from the areas they come from such as a stein from Germany or Zeus’ nail clippings from Greece.

As the levels progress you will also unlock the Enemy Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia allows you to view the enemies you’ve encountered and read their names and funny descriptions. Some of the enemy designs are almost as quirky as the Battle Cats themselves!

My biggest qualm about this game is probably one of my favorite things about the game. The Battle Cats POP! has no microtransactions. It feels really refreshing to play a game that doesn’t feel like it’s trying to trick you for even more money than you paid for it. In the free-to-play app The Battle Cats, you would normally have to pay money to get items such as more Cat Food. In The Battle Cats Pop! you practically have Cat Food being thrown at you left and right. Kibble and bits galore! In my experience playing this title I became rather addicted to seeing the second forms of the Cats so I decided to use Cat Food to buy bunches of XP to level my cats faster. I wound up making my cats so overpowered at such a early part in the game that I could beat many of the stages by just summoning the Normal Cat they start you off with. I didn’t really have a need for items of summoning God Cat because my army was so insanely powerful. Every day you log in you receive 10 Cat Foods which is enough to buy 200,000 XP which equals a whole lot of kitty power. As much as I loved to see my zany evolved cats, it sort of took the wind out of my sails to have become more powerful than God Cat himself.

All in all, The Battle Cats POP! is the kind of game that can be played by kittens to grumpy cats alike. It has clean graphics, simple yet addictive gameplay, catchy music, pretty much every ingredient for a good game is in The Battle Cats POP! Pretty much everything except how easy it is to become nearly cheating levels of overpowered. Overall, I have to say that this cat does land on its feet.

I give this kitty crusader an 8 paws out of 10.

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory used: 3,481 Blocks

Review code provided by: PONOS


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